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About the author - Katja Zeitler


Since her youth, Katja Zeitler has tried to access to her environment through poetry. 


Born Armin Zeitler in Stuttgart in 1962, the author confessed her transsexuality in 2006. The documentary film "Lichtvögel" was made at the same time. In it, the path to her new life as a trans woman is described.

Katja Zeitler processes her transsexuality in some of her poems. A not inconsiderable amount of space is taken up by questions of life and socially critical themes. Some poems were translated into Romanian with the intention of giving her current impressions of life due space. 


Her way of expression is compressed and pointed. The reader is often led to the bizarre and dark side of life.



We will donate a part of

the money to transgender supporting organisations and a childrens home 

in romania.

Order a copy for 35.–

Over 160 poems written over 20 years

Abstract Collages around the poems

Recycled paper, vegan printing ink

Size 148 x 210cm 

Hardcover linen black

Thread binding

Sustainably printed by oeding print


written in German and some in Romanian (with Ger translation)

Reading samples

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